joel debellefeuille 

Entrepreneur, businessman, politician, federal lobbyist
and human rights advocate. A look at his success and life stories.

Featured in the news

Joel DeBellefeuille is regularly featured in the news and media across Canada having won numerous historical human rights cases in the Province of Quebec. His cases have set jurisprudence re-working the way law enforcement agencies, government bodies and municipalities handle systemic racism and discrimination within their communities. He is also an avid businessman, entrepreneur, investor and husband and father.

Jetelove's Montrealer of the Month (February, 2023)

2020's Most Fascinating Montrealer

Dan Delmar in conversation with his Most Fascinating Montrealer's of 2020 on the Aaron Rand Show over the holidays. Fo Niemi is the co-founder and executive director of the Center for Research-Action on Race Relations (CRARR) and Joel DeBellefeuille is an entrepreneur who was at the centre of a racial profiling case for nearly a decade before ultimately winning the case in recent weeks.

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