Joel DeBellefeuille was born in Quebec, Canada having been adopted by a French-Canadian father and English mother at the tender young age of just 7 months. His adoptive parents divorced when he was 3 years old, with both parents finding it difficult to adapt to the life of a single-parent with two kids. He had an older sister who he very much loved and admired, that passed away 3 years ago to cancer. Growing up as a child in the 70's and 80's on the west-island of Montreal he was faced with several hurdles of racism and discrimination. Surely it was because both his parents were white and he was one of about 6 visible minorities in an elementary school of about 300 students. He found his passion in art, having excelled in high school, taking his new found hobby to the next level by enrolling in private oil painting lessons. This was his alone time, his opportunity to discover his true passion of creation and inner peace. Utilizing those skills enabled him to adapt fairly easily to any situation he faced, always thinking outside of the box. In his late teens with the internet just starting to boom, he felt compelled to locate his biological family. He scoured the web for several hours a day, using a bit of information that he had about his past to try to connect with a family he very much wanted to discover and learn about. Perhaps this would be a defining moment in his life, he was not sure but he knew he wanted to find out. After 27 years on this earth and much to his surprise, he successfully found his biological family in Montreal in 2002. This was an incredible, surreal moment for Joel, finally shaping his personality, whilst matching his character with the one that was unknown to him. He was now complete, set to take on the world and do what he wanted to do. Taking his people skills, art and hunger for business, Joel began honing his talent in marketing, branding and sales; launching his boutique consulting firm Just3 several years ago. He went on to successfully Co-found Marianna Naturals Corp. a celebrity skin care and health & wellness brand with co-founder Heather Marianna a US celebrity socialite made popular by her Youtube Beauty Kitchen Series. Joel is also a director and the Chairman of the Audit Committee for Primo Nutraceuticals Inc. a publicly-traded company on the CSE under symbol  C: PRMO.

Joel Debellefeuille

President, CEO, Director & Co-Founder of Marianna Naturals corp.

Joel DeBellefeuille is an entrepreneur, businessman and founder of Just3, a public relations company providing strategic business solutions
for private and public companies. He co-founded Marianna Naturals Corp. and is an Executive Official of Bloc Montreal a provincial political
party in Quebec. Joel is a strong human rights advocate and the founder of the Red Coalition Inc. a federal lobby group advocating against
racism and discrimination, and has appeared in Global Television, CityNews Montreal, CBC News, CJAD800, The Montreal Gazette, The Suburban
Montreal Community Contact, The Canadian Press, CTV News, Savoir Media , QUB Radio with Geneviève Pettersen, Noovo Info, 98. 5FM with
Bénoit Dutrizac and Patrick Lagacé, The Aaron Rand Show, Newstalk Radio with co-host Sharman Yarnell, La Presse, TVA Nouvelles, The
Huffington Post, The Globe & Mail, Vice; as well as a professional panelist for an accredited law course at McGill University and a guest lecturer
at McMasters University for a law and sociology course.  
Follow him on IG: @joeldebellefeuille

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