Civil rights group accuses Quebec of covering up race-based police data
on January 12th, 2023
The civil rights group Red Coalition has made public details of emails from the Quebec government telling Longueuil police to dismiss a court order regarding racial profiling. A 2020 ruling by Human Rights Tribunal Judge Christian Brunelle ordered Longueuil police to adopt a policy to collect and publish race-based data on people who are stopped by police. The race-based data collected would include the "perceived or presumed race of persons subject to police stops,” and was to be published in 2021.  Read More
Quebec told Longueuil police to disregard court order on racial profiling, says anti-racism group
on January 11th, 2023
An anti-racism group says it has copies of email exchanges to support its claims that Quebec told the City of Longueuil to disregard a court order on racial profiling. Joel DeBellefeuille, executive director of the Red Coalition, said he’s been pulled over by police a dozen times in the past 15 years. In 2012, Longueuil police followed him and his family as they were dropping off his son at daycare. As a result of that incident, he was awarded $12,000 in damages.  Read More
Red Coalition: Quebec ministry told Longueuil police force to defy court order on racial profiling
on January 11th, 2023
Documents obtained by anti-racism group, Red Coalition, show the former Longueuil police chief saying he was told by Quebec’s Ministry of Public Security to wait until a province wide approach to collecting race-based data was put in place before following through on their own mechanism to collect race-based data on all police stops – which they were ordered to do by a Quebec judge.  Read More
Interpellations sans motif: un retour en arrière demandé
on November 14th, 2022
Le 25 octobre, le juge Michel Yergeau a rendu une décision qui invalide l’arrêt Ladouceur et l’article 636 qui en découle, dans le cadre du procès intenté par Jean-Christopher Luamba. L’arrêt Ladouceur autorise les interpellations policières aléatoires sans motif depuis 1990. «Elles constituent un sauf-conduit au profilage racial», rappelle le regroupement de plusieurs organismes qui luttent contre le racisme.  Read More
Racially-profiled man challenges Longueuil to present race-based police data, threatens suit
on November 10th, 2022
He claims the city has failed to collect race-based data on traffic stops as promised. He says he will take legal action if it doesn't provide the information it was tasked to collect by the end of the week. Joel Debellefeuille's legal fight has lasted almost 15 years. Still, he says, he still hasn't received the justice he's entitled to.  Read More
Longueuil, Que., given ultimatum on release of race-based traffic stop data
on November 7th, 2022
A group seeking to end racial profiling is giving the City of Longueuil, on Montreal's South Shore, until the end of day Friday to publish race-based data on police stops. If not, the leader of the Red Coalition says he'll take the city to court. Joel DeBellefeuille said the data will show whether or not officers are disproportionately stopping Black people and other people of colour.  Read More





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