Belle Bonica Luxe Corp.

Belle Bonica Luxe Corp. OTC: (BBLC) is dedicated to promoting a lifestyle of health, beauty, and
wealth; through the acquisition and development of creative & innovative brands catering to luxury
markets that are aimed at improving your way of life, while seeking long-term shareholder value.

Koilink Technologies Inc. is the world’s first industry targeted mobile app & web-application for linking investment brokers
and private/public companies to equity offerings in real-time. 

Red Coalition Inc.

The Red Coalition is a group of like-minded people from all walks of life, shapes, colors and sizes; lobbying for one common goal, which is to eliminate the practice of racial profiling and systemic racism within Canada; while raising clarity and awareness to the mental health issues and public health problems it is causing amongst it's citizens. We are the only registered lobby group in all of Canada fighting for the rights of Canadians against racial profiling and 1 of only 3 lobby groups fighting against systemic racism. The "act" of practicing racial profiling against innocent victims by Canada's police forces do not just stop at the victim, but actually touches those close to them equally. 

Just 3

J3 is a leader in providing brands with custom-tailored campaigns to suit their specific needs of brand recognition.  Utilizing a full range of platforms we're able to raise awareness about your story clearly and professionally by organizing on-site press conferences, written media advisories and press releases, direct email and social media posts customized to your campaign. We also use telephone campaigns and arrange for one-on-one Zoom meetings, further engaging your audiences.