Marianna Naturals Corp.

Marianna Naturals ® was born from the belief that the world deserves 100% All-Natural skin care and cosmetics without the use of chemical preservatives. Marianna Naturals is a celebrity skin care and health & wellness brand producing their products at their facilities in the USA, that are always Cruelty-Free, Paraben-Free, and Sulfate-Free.

Koilink Technologies Inc.

Coming Soon.

Skin Diagnostics

Providing an innovative approach to personalizing the online shopping experience for customers, inspired by the COVID-19 pandemic. Using advanced technology in augmented reality and artificial intelligence, which scans the user’s face within seconds and provides an instant in-detail analysis of the consumer's skin. There is a rapid trend and change in behavior in how consumers are choosing to shop since the start of the pandemic. The skin diagnostics tool, helps customers shop safely online with accurate product recommendations.

Beauty Junkies

The Beauty Junkies Seller Platform is a multi-social marketing program owned and operated by Marianna Naturals Corp. Enjoy financial freedom by working for yourself at your own pace selling 100% all-natural skincare products, formulated by using only the top ingredients. 

Primo Nutraceuticals Inc.

Primo Nutraceuticals Inc. is dedicated to funding the rapid growth in production, processing, retail and branding of cannabis and non-cannabis related products in Canada and the United States. Primo has invested in several brands and is pursuing partnerships with retailers and distribution companies in Canada and the United States. The Company possesses proprietary formulas for cannabis edibles, topical, beverages and tinctures. Primo is focused on building a strong presence in the CPG and PPE/ health and wellness sector. 

Creek Holdings Ltd.

Creek Holdings Ltd. (CHL) is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Creek Holdings Inc. (CHI) that invests in emerging companies and trends with the objective of fostering growth, reducing risk and maximizing investment returns. The company engages in diverse business activities including but not limited to; Technology, Mining (Precious Metals), Healthcare & Cannabis/CBD, Real Estate.

Red Coalition Inc.

The Red Coalition is a group of like-minded people from all walks of life, shapes, colors and sizes; lobbying for one common goal, which is to eliminate the practice of racial profiling and systemic racism within Canada; while raising clarity and awareness to the mental health issues and public health problems it is causing amongst it's citizens. The "act" of practicing racial profiling against innocent victims by Canada's police forces do not just stop at the victim, but actually touches those close to them equally.

Just 3

Just3 is a boutique consulting firm focused on strategic business solutions for small to mid size companies operating in both the private and public sector. Through our  network of licensed professionals and consultants; we can  provide consultation to companies listed on the following stock exchanges:
(TSX, TSX Venture, & CSE).